Safe ride staff offers valuable, free service

Editoral Board

Issue: The Safe Ride system is an valuable service to students needing a ride home


When people are downtown at the bar and the lights come on after last call, many might wish they would’ve watched the clock more closely and called for a ride home. Luckily, the Safe Ride busses can be a saving grace for those who are either having a hard time standing or have had one or two drinks and don’t want to risk hurting themselves or anyone else by chancing the drive home.

Not every community has a bussing system available past midnight — let alone at 3 a.m. during the weekends. For students who find themselves stumbling from the bars without a ride home, Safe Ride is one number who won’t screen their calls.

The Safe Ride busses took close to 1,600 people home on Hobo Day last year — that’s 1,600 people off the road who could have otherwise been in or driving a vehicle and endangering the lives of others.

It takes a lot to put up with people after a certain hour, especially if you are sober and the other person is drunk. An obscene amount of patience is needed and, from what we’ve seen, the Safe Ride crew does it with class. They go out of their way to not only drive people home, but they also occasionally help riders to their front doors. This isn’t in their job description. They do it out of kindness.

For the bus drivers, student monitors and all those who make the Brookings Safe Ride busses possible, we say ‘Thank you.’



Stance: Passengers of the Safe Ride busses should give the drivers and monitors a solid high-five the next time they get a ride home.