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The real story of Thanksgiving

The real story of Thanksgiving

Symmone Gauer, Lifestyles Editor (She/her) November 16, 2021

This year, we celebrate the 400th anniversary of what we consider the first Thanksgiving. Many of us remember being taught about the first Thanksgiving in grade school. Perhaps we donned costumes for a...

You’re cracking me up

I'm LOVING all the Turkey-Day disaster stories you're posting for me. They're hilarious - and you're making me feel a little bit better (just a wee bit) about holiday cooking. I mean, everyone flubs up...

Turkey-day disasters

Hey, why don't they tell you to look in BOTH ends of the frozen turkey before you cook it (or do they, and I just ignored it???!!!)? Ha! Because I nearly cooked a plastic bag full of giblets (eeeuuuwwwww!!!)...

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