The votes are in, next year’s Senate announced


The 2012 Students’ Association election results are in and the victors have been announced.

Several senate candidates gathered in and around the SA office April 4 anxiously awaiting the SA election results. When the numbers were posted at around 7:50 p.m. elated shouts of victory were accompanied by the somber looks of defeat.

The presidential race was anything but tight this year as Jameson Berreth and Wyatt DeJong collected a total of 1,279 out of 2090 votes cast. That amounted to just over 61 percent of the votes cast – a landslide by any account.

“I’m very happy, very relieved, and I’m so glad we got so many students out to vote,” said president elect Jameson Berreth.

Jared Ellefson and running mate Libby Trammell came in at a distant second with 434 total votes, while Brady Duxbury and his running mate Josh Johnson received 377 votes. Berreth’s running mate said the margin of victory is not what really mattered.

“For me personally it’s not the margin,” DeJong said. “I’m just very thankful for the students’ confidence in us.”

Senate candidates had their own victories to celebrate as well. When the results were posted on the SA office window Kaytlin Pelton, an incumbent, literally shouted for joy upon seeing her name highlighted as one of the College of Agriculture and Biology victors.

“I’m excited for the outcome and I’m excited to continue working on what I was working on before,” she said.

Hassan Ali, the top vote getter for the College of Arts and Sciences, was no less excited about the results. He said that the new Senate will be very active over the course of its term.

“I think some great candidates won,” he said. “Next year will be a year of activism.”

It wasn’t all smiles when the announcements were made; every election has its winners and losers. One of tonight’s was sophomore Daniel Vellek who missed out on a Senate seat by just three votes.

“I had a hard campaign,” he said. “I think I reached a lot of students. This just goes to show that every vote counts.”

The vote totals for each candidate can be found below. (those elected are underlined)

President and Vice President

Brady Duxbury and Josh Johnson: 377 votes

Jameson Berreth and Wyatt DeJong: 1,279 votes

Jared Ellefson and Libby Trammell: 434 votes

Senators for Respective Colleges

College of Agriculture & Biological Sciences

Ben Sesso: 174 votes

Ben Stout: 206 votes

Bradley Cihak: 137 votes

Brett Lynch: 148 votes

Cody Wehner: 237 votes

Derek Haupert: 171 votes

Jeremy Noem: 128 votes

Kaytlin Pelton: 289 votes

Olivia Siglin: 284 votes

College of Arts and Sciences

Ben Ruggeberg: 116 votes

Bryce Kummer: 56 votes

Caleb Finck: 133 votes

Courtland McCranie: 112 votes

Dan Roberts: 118 votes

Denielle Meyerink: 189 votes

Erica Swanson: 119 votes

Hassan Ali: 214 votes

Jameson Goetz: 172 votes

Jim McLain: 154 votes

Matilyn Kerr: 122 votes

Shannon LaJoie: 116 votes

Vanessa Dykhouse: 184 votes

College of Engineering

Austin VanderWal: 129 votes

Daniel Vellek: 123 votes

Logan DeBoer: 130 votes

Michael Rauenhorst: 126 votes

Umar Mohammed: 108 votes

College of Nursing

Amir Mohamed: 75 votes

Lindsey Hompe: 68 votes

Madeline Moeller: 121 votes

College of Pharmacy

Ashley Weber: 74 votes

Colleen O’Connell: 85 votes

Jessica Nowak: 82 votes

Murphy Mack: 77 votes

Education and Human Sciences

Amanda Chicoine: 144 votes

Brandi Murley: 96 votes

Laura Barber: 168 votes

Graduate School

Raj Bhandari: 107 votes

Thomas Shileny: 35 votes