Student talent showcased in two Hobo Week events

Tamora Rosenbaum

Hobo Week madness is officially underway. There are events and contests occurring every day, all week long to commemorate 100 Years of Hobo Day this year, but there are two signature events unique to Hobo Week that put the focus on student talent — Cavorts and Miss Homelycoming.

Cavorts, which takes place Friday, Oct. 26 at 8 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center, has been an annual event for almost 40 years. It offers students the chance to get on stage and perform in front of an audience of over a thousand spectators. The event is organized by the University Program Council to help students showcase their talents.

The board of students on the University Program Council worked hard to make this year’s talent show something truly special.

“We’re switching some things up to give it our own twist,” said Nathan Langston, UPC board member and Cavorts coordinator.

Cavorts judges narrowed down the acts from auditions to showcase the best variety in the show. Past acts have included everything from singing and dancing to unicycling and juggling.

Cavorts tickets are sold at Information Exchange at $5 for students and $7 for non-students. For more information, contact Nathan Langston at (218) 770-2941.

Miss Homelycoming’s history is considerably shorter than Cavorts’ but the pageant is no less treasured than the talent show. This will be the seventh year male students cross gender boundaries, dressing up (and down) to vie for a sparkly tiara, a smooth satin sash and the notorious title of SDSU’s Miss Homelycoming.

“It’s a great event to go to if you’re looking to have some fun and participate in Hobo Week,” said Heidi DeBoer, special events coordinator for the University Program Council. “It’s a chance to see other students doing something out of the ordinary, something you don’t see everyday.”

This year’s pageant is on Wednesday, Oct. 24 at 8 p.m. in the PAC. The contestants will be pitted against one another in three separate acts: evening gown, talent and swimwear. DeBoer didn’t want to reveal too much of the action before the show, but she did disclose that Honey Boo Boo will be making an appearance.

“This is going to be a good year,” DeBoer said. “And anyway, how often do you get to see guys in swimwear strutting around a stage? It’s just an entertaining and unique event.”

Miss Homelycoming is free for all SDSU students. For more information, contact Heidi DeBoer at (605) 688-6173.