Ghoolish wardrobe

Emily Bouta Juice Editor


 Tylin Canaday, a freshman dietetics major, was spotted walking with her bleached leggings and matching shirt. We thought that it was just the perfect outfit for this coming holiday, Halloween. “I wear them year round because they go with so many things. It’s a nice change from the usual, boring, black leggings, and my shirt is just something I wanted to experiment with.”

Inspiration behind the outfit – I was watching YouTube videos on tie-dye, because I wanted to find a new way to bleach, then bleach dye came up and I watched it and really wanted to try it.

How to make the outfit– I took a pair of black leggings and shirt, put rubber bands everywhere, then poured it on the rubber band part, I then rinsed it with water, and wash and dried them.

Where to buy get the supplies– I found a lot of my stuff at Walmart.

What to buy – Cotton is preferred, any brand. For bleach, the $2 one is just as good as the expensive one.

A YouTube video can start as something simple as a music video and end up being an eye catching outfit. Whether it be Halloween or Valentines Day, this outfit will always stand out. Wear them separately or together — either way you are sure to spark some attention.