Five tips to pull an effective all-nighter



Danielle Sons, Lifestyles Reporter

Have a game plan

Disorganization is one of the many things that can cause stress because it can feel like everything is falling apart. This can cause anxiety and a bunch of other problems that will prevent the night from being as successful as it could be.

Therefore, have somewhat of an organized plan going into an all-nighter. Pick what subject or subjects that are a priority and study them one at a time. Make sure to take breaks so that you don’t get too overwhelmed and you’ll have a better chance of remembering what you’re studying.

Snack it out

Resorting to binging on sweets to treat yo self, like chocolate or ice cream are not good foods to be eating while studying. Sugar gives the body short energy spurts that only last for short periods of time, then they wear off and put you back to where you started, which is hungry and possibly unable to focus on studying.

Try eating foods high in protein to keep your belly full and your mind awake for a longer period of time. suggests snacking on foods like kiwis, protein smoothies, crackers and cheese, hot cereal and trail mix. These are guaranteed to help keep up energy and get you through any late night.

What to wear

Some people prefer to dress for success when studying for finals, and that doesn’t necessarily mean studying in a suit or a prom dress, but clothes that give feelings of confidence might help to make you not only feel successful but then be successful.

Of course, dressing down is an option as well. Comfort should be taken in mind when studying for finals because the brain has to retain information, and wearing something uncomfortable while studying for hours on end could become a distraction.

Music? Music.

Music is an escape for many people and is something that can be used as a great study tool. Although listening to Mozart is shown to increase mental performance, it isn’t for everyone. Keep in mind as well that picking music that is easy to sing along or get wild, probably isn’t the best option either because you don’t want to risk getting off track.

That being said, if there isn’t a music genre that encourages studying or maybe you have no idea what music would help you study experiment. Try going with more low key music first, that maybe try something with a little more beat and vocal accompaniment and see how that affects the study session. Spotify also has many different ‘focus’ playlist to choose from so you can find your perfect study songs.

Study spots

Good spots to go if you have no idea where to stay up all night can be a dorm room, a day room in the dorms, or if its an apartment that you reside in, try finding a room in your house or apartment to study in. It’s best to find somewhere quiet with no distractions.

The Union is always a good place for studying when an all-nighter isn’t an option. It houses various spots to cozy down and study. Consider the Market for a more busy experience, or try going downstairs or upstairs to the more secluded parts with soft, comfy chairs.

In the end

Overall, pulling an all-nighter isn’t the first option one could pick for finals week, but sometimes a situation calls for it. Also take note of all the things studywise work well and don’t work well for you so that the night still has the potential to be productive and beneficial for yourself.