Spring break tips and tricks: What to do if you’re staying home this year

Ella Winter, Reporter

The countdown to spring break has begun. While you may have your heart set on relaxing, there is an assortment of activities you can look forward to if you are staying on campus or planning on having a staycation at home. 

“Take the time to relax, have fun and do what you love,” Abby Fickbohm, a freshman at South Dakota State University said. “Whatever that is, take that time for yourself.”

Fickbohm has been a Brookings resident her entire life. She described what she will be doing during spring break.

“Relax, read and keep up with my job,” Fickbohm said. “If you love your job, it is relaxing.” 

Some activities you can try at home include reading a new book, baking, working, taking your dog for a walk and going outside. 

“If you are staying home, try new places to eat with family and friends,” SDSU sophomore Julia Wieskus said. “I enjoy going for walks when it’s warm out with my friends.” 

Not all activities require money. If you are on a budget, going for a walk is a perfect activity to catch up with your friends and family. 

If you are not able to travel home over break, it can be even more difficult to find activities to get out of your dorm room and interact with people.

“They [the dorms] are silent and eerie,” said Naested Smit, a junior Community Assistant at SDSU. “They are lonely for people who stay [during spring break.

Smit shared how there’s normally one CA that stays over break in each dorm building. Smit said that from his previous experience from staying over winter break, it can be unpleasant and lonely being alone in the dorms.

“Try working out and making sure you get outdoors. Even if you get outside, you are able to see other people,” Smit said. “Try getting off campus, it itself is really quiet.” 

SDSU’s Wellness Center will remain open during break for students who remain on campus. 

For individuals who may be leaving campus after break, McCrory Gardens is getting ready for its Maple Syrup Workshop March 25, according to staff member Kelly Mitchell. Additionally, the University Program Council will host Yoga in the Gardens March 24. 

The Brookings area also has various places you can spend your time. Brookings Cinema 8, McCrory Gardens, Tee’d Off Golf, Nature Parks, Woody’s Axe Throwing and Prairie Lanes Bowling Alley are a few options to fill your spring break.

“If you have the money,” Fickbohm said, “Sioux Falls has lots of options for shopping.”

If you are willing to take the trip down to Sioux Falls, they have fun activities that Brookings doesn’t have. There is a wider variety of shops compared to Brookings. 

There are plenty of restaurants to try and places to go in the bustling city including Great Shots, Escape 605 Axe Throwing & Escape Rooms, Cinemark Century Stadium 14, AR Workshop and Eastway Bowl.

Fickbohm recommends that people who aren’t from South Dakota should check out the Black Hills, Rapid City or Mount Rushmore. 

Some think SDSU should create more activities on campus during spring break for those who can’t travel during that time. 

Smit thinks that SDSU should leave some food options open for on-campus dining during break, because everyone is required to have a meal plan. The students should have an option besides Starbucks. 

While getting out and finding fun activities to do, even something as simple as walking to get food, is sometimes a challenge, it’s important to remember to be safe wherever you go. 

“Stick with people you know,” Wieskus said. “Never be by yourself, especially at night.” 

“If you are traveling, travel with as little stuff as possible. Don’t carry cash, just carry your card,” Smit said. “Do research on places not to go.” 

It’s important to be cautious when traveling; plan where you are going and know what you are going to be doing. It’s only after making sure what you’re going to be doing is safe that you can make the most out of your spring break.