The drive of the sexes: do women or men handle their autos better?

Nathan Sanderson

Nathan Sanderson

Any man will tell you that guys are better drivers than girls every day of the week and four times better on weekends. Ask any woman and she’ll tell you that chicks undoubtedly rule the road. So, when crunch time comes, which gender gets to sit behind the wheel?

In order to really have the argument that we are about to have, we must set a few guidelines. This question involves everything related to driving including the actual vehicle itself, driving laws and regulations and actual driving skill. Basically, anything related to the vehicle goes. Let the games begin.

When it comes to knowledge of the vehicle and its components, the understanding of what the vehicle is capable of and what it isn’t and everything mechanical in general, the guys definitely get the nod. Not to leave out the occasional gearhead female, but overall, guys know about engines, transmissions, tires, electrical components, oil changes and trouble-shooting, and girls do not. Pop quiz: When replacing the cylinder timing condenser inside the gear centrifuge, how tight does it need to be?

Now comes the question that small countries have gone to war over: which gender is the better driver? Well, that depends on how you define better. If you call better the ability to get the maximum performance out of the vehicle and make it do things that it normally shouldn’t be able to do, fellow guys, we kick butt again. In general, men know how to get their auto to do what they want it to do, with slight (that’s what we guys call it) engine and transmission damage. If we define better as the ones who get in fewer crashes, actually follow driving laws, yield to pedestrians and avoid run-ins with the UPD, etc., the ladies beat every single guy out there. Without a doubt women are better drivers when it comes to obeying traffic laws. They somehow manage to avoid fines and court time and guys simply do not.

Choose your poison: men are better overall drivers but get fines for moving violations and tend to push engines too hard. Women avoid the traffic fines but do harmful things to transmissions, clutches, engines, and brakes. Which gender is the better driver? Set up a road course and challenge your girlfriend or boyfriend to a drive-off. After you both wreck your vehicles, use the insurance money to buy a horse.

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