Three SDSU fraternities to lose houses

Tanya Marsh

Tanya Marsh

The campus of SDSU will look different in the future if plans to convert three fraternity houses into a parking lot are carried out. The three fraternities facing a move are Sigma Phi Delta, Chi Omega and Alpha Xi Delta.

Of these three, all located around 12th Avenue, only SPD is all systems go for a move. The fraternity was renting the property, which was recently sold to SDSU, and the house must be empty by June 1.

SPD’s future plans for housing are unclear, said Jeremy Smith, a junior who is the vice chief of administration for SPD.

“We haven’t decided yet [what we’re doing next year],” he said. “We’re currently looking for a place.”

One place that’s been suggested is Greek Row, a place that currently exists only in the minds of some. The plan calls for a street of fraternity houses near FarmHouse Fraternity. Smith said SPD is considering Greek Row.

“That option’s been brought up, but we’re looking at all our options right now,” he said.

Melanie Johnson, a sophomore and the recruitment chair for Chi Omega, is in favor of Greek Row.

“I think it’d be a good idea for us all to be really close together,” she said. “I think there needs to bemore Greek unity.”

However, she can understand other’s opposition to the suggestion.

“I know a lot of people don’t want to give up their houses to move out there,” she said.

She said her fraternity feels the same way.

“I think we’d all like to see our house stay, but we know it’s an important area, so close to campus, on a block SDSU wants to buy.”

For now, however, Chi Omega is staying put.

“As far as next year’s concerned, I think we still have our house. Then we’re going to move into Berg and Bailey and start searching for our new house,” she said. Of course, building a newhouse on Greek Row would be an option.

Andrea Clark, sophomore and president of Alpha Xi Delta, said she is less than thrilled with the idea of a move. “I really don’t want them to move us off campus,” she said. “I know most of us [in AXD] don’t want to move.”

However, since the fraternity owns the property, they will not have to move for the time being. “If we sold our house we would have to move to Berg and Bailey,” she said. An alternative: “I’ve heard they’ll build a parking lot around us.”

Still, not everyone is insistent on staying, she said. “Most of the chapter is pretty new, so we don’t have much of an attachment to the house,” Clark said, adding that the house is old and lacks air conditioning. “We would like to build a new house, but because we’re not sure if we could we’d like to keep our house.”

There are a few reasons Clark would prefer to stay put. “It’s kind of a pride thing. We’re proud of our house,” she said. Also, “This is our home and we like being here; it’s convenient to be so close to campus.”

Location, location, location: it’s certainly the reason SPD is sorry to leave their house. Smith said, “We really like our location — just get up in the morning and walk across the street. A lot of people join this fraternity for the location. We’re an engineering fraternity and we’re right across from the engineering college.”

SDSU officials could not be reached for comment.