Search for george rock Jack’s Place

Colleen Stein

Colleen Stein

When searching for a name, search for george found inspiration in a strange place: a cornfield.

George was apparently an old drunk notorious for downing too much whiskey and getting himself lost in a cornfield.

The six-member Sioux Falls band paid a visit to SDSU last Wednesday.

The show took place in the basement of the Student Union center, within the Jack’s Place dining lounge.

Outfitted with a sound akin to the ever-popular Goo Goo Dolls and Gin Blossoms, search for george is gradually making a name for itself playing Midwest bars and college scenes.

SDSU’s own folk-rocker Krista Tschetter warmed up the stage for the searchers.

Despite her sore throat, the acoustic guitar wielding songstress amused the dinner crowd with original ditties like “Blips From Another Universe” and other songs inspired from her recent overseas trip to England and Scotland.

“Her style is sort of soft rock,” Jack’s Place employee and human development major Ryan Schroeder said.

“She is a very talented girl. Her performance definitely exceeded my expectations.”

After Tschetter’s 45 minute set was finished, the lights were dimmed and guitars were tuned in preparation for the night’s big show.

Lead vocalist and guitarist Mark Dahm and keyboard whiz David Pendery met in 1994 and found that they shared the same taste in music. So the pair began jamming together.

Through diligent playing of cover tunes and originals alike, their favorite pastime slowly evolved into a real life of rock ‘n’ roll.

Bass player Kevin Hass later joined the mix along with drummer Jason Raymond, replacing his brother’s original position. Bruce Stombaugh, the band’s original stage and instrument technician, also contributed his talents by becoming SFG’s second guitar player.

While recording their latest album, the band recruited a third guitarist and back-up vocalist, Steve Luebke, thus completing their final line-up.

By the time they reached the Jack’s Place stage, the search for george’s sound blended together brilliantly to deliver a memorable and enjoyable performance to an audience of over fifty spectators.

Search for george kicked off their performance with its radio-friendly ballad “Callin.” The song is first track of their third album, 3 minute pop song.

The band also captivated the crowd with other originals like, “Take Me Home,” “Think About You” and “She’s All I Need.”

The band even played “The Country Song,” a goofball mock twangy sort of tune written to appease local cowboys and to to “express their pride of being South Dakotans,” vocalist Dahm said.

“The song is actually about ten years old,” guitarist Stombaugh later said. “We just finally revised it to the point where it was worth recording.”

Wednesday night’s audience also had the opportunity to hear two new songs, “Rescue Me” and “Smack My Ass,” both of which are slated to appear on the band’s fourth album.

Search for george hopes to hit the studio again next year.

“Search for george has quite a following in the Midwest and their alternative rock style makes them easy to listen to,” UPC Concert coordinator Kara Peep said. “Their type of music appeals to almost everyone.”

In addition to playing their own tunes, SFG delivered an impressive cover of Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love.” Adding a rather hard-core edge to an otherwise mellow ’80s tune, the band’s rendition put even Marilyn Manson’s cover version to shame.

Toward the end of their performance, the Sioux Falls group even became a little patriotic, candidly dedicating SFG original “Still Standin'” to Osama Bin Laden in the spirit of 9/11.

The local musicians were pleased with the turnout of the crowd.

When asked if they would ever consider returning to SDSU for an encore performance, Stombaugh said, “Absolutely, we just love to play. Anywhere and everywhere.”

#1.887965:152968360.jpg:george.jpg:Searchin? every which way: Sioux Falls alternative outfit search for george rocks the house last Wednesday on the Jack?s Place stage.: