Bummobile ok for parade


Charlie Maricle

Yes, the Bummobile works.

Want proof? Show up at any place along the Hobo Day parade route this Saturday for a look at the new and improved 1912 Model T Ford.

“We got it fixed so it should be running through the parade,” Abby Bischoff, Grand Pooba for this year’s Hobo Day, said.

The 90-year old Bummobile caught on fire Sept. 12 at a rally in downtown Brookings. UPC members plan to conduct a couple of test runs and keep a fire extinguisher on board just in case.

And the parade route will stay the same. All entries start in front of Woodbine Cottage, the president’s house, travel down Medary Avenue to Sixth Street. The parade goes from Sixth to Main Avenue and ends at the old depot station.

The 85 or so entries range from fraternaty floats to high school bands to Boy Scouts and firemen.

Politicians will be part of the troupe as well.

“All the major candidates, I think, are planning on being here. So that will be kind of cool to have all those people here,” Bischoff said.

However, seeing all these acts means getting up before noon on Saturday. The trip around town takes off at 9:30 a.m. For some the football game is early enough.

Staters for State is hosting the first-ever Bum Stew Cook-Off north of Coughlin Stadium at 12:00 p.m. Cost is $10.

According to the Weather Channel, Saturday will be mostly cloudy with a daytime high of 56