Comedian to perform in Doner

John Hult

John Hult

Zach Galifianakis will be the first of two major comedy acts to grace the stage at Doner Auditorium this semester when the Out Cold star grabs the mic tomorrow at 7 p.m.

Galifianakis has also appeared in the film Corky Romano and had his own show on Comedy Central called Late World with Zach.

UPC Showcase Coordinator Justin Larson helped set up the show, which the group started to pursue in November of last year.

“I wanted to bring a big comedian here,” he said. “I was looking through there (the directory) and Abby recognized the name, because she’d seen his TV shows.”

UPC’s Hobo Day Grand Pooba Abby Bischoff recommended Galifianakis to the council on the strength of an episode of Late World With Zach that she saw over Spring Break last year in Hollywood.

Bischoff compared the Galifianakis comedic style with that of legendary sketch comedian Chris Farley.

“My favorite movie is Tommy Boy–they’re very similar in style–kind of slapstick, kind of physical–but he has quite a few quick comments,” Bischoff said.

Larsen was also pleased that UPC was able to bring two comedians this semester, the second being Megan Mooney, who will perform in Doner on April 8.

“We’ve had a lot of musicians and stuff–quite a bit of music, actually–but my personal favorite is comedy, so my main goal was to get one here, and luckily we got two,” Larsen said.

Mooney has toured with the likes of Insomniac’s Dave Attell, Richard Jeni and Judy Tenuta.

Larsen hopes for a large turnout for the Galifianakis show.

“I’m hoping that Doner Auditorium is packed,” Larsen said.

When asked why students should take the time to see the former Late World host, Bischoff put it quite simply:

“Because he’s damn funny.”

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