Colin, Ruthie to make a stop at SDSU Wednesday

Krista Tschetter

Krista Tschetter

Colin Mortensen and Ruthie Alcaide, better known sans surnames on MTVs The Real World: Season 8 in Hawaii, are harboring a secret that may make execs a little nervous.

A secret they may or may not divulge when they speak in the Performing Arts Center tonight, April 29, at 8 p.m.

Colin and Ruthie took part in the reality hybrid Battle of the Sexes, the final episode of which airs next week on MTV. The competition pitted 18 female and 18 male cast members from previous seasons of Road Rules and The Real World against each other in Fear Factor-style competition.

The final three members of the guys’ and girls’ teams compete against each in the final competition next week, and the winners take away $50,000 each.

Last week, four members of each team remained, with Mortensen and Alcaide among them.

So far, execs have been understandably tight-lipped, but SDSU students may be let in on the secret.

“It’ll be the men (who win),” said Tyler Turek, senior pharmacy student, who makes time to watch Battle of the Sexes every week.

“There could potentially be quite a few students there … I do imagine a lot of SDSU students glued to the television totally engrossed in the phenomenon we call reality television next week.”

Before Battle of the Sexes, Mortensen, Alcaide and five other cast members ran their own caf