Sports facilities among summer improvements

Justin R. Lessman

Justin R. Lessman

Though throngs of students will soon take part in SDSU’s mass summer exodus, campus will be anything but deserted this summer as construction teams gear up for major building and improvement projects, especially athletic facilities.

Coughlin-Alumni Stadium on the corner of campus will be the site of extensive renovation.

Work will begin this summer on concession stands and a complete revitalization of the landscaping.

The football stadium was one of the major areas of concern outlined in the Division I feasibility report done by Carr Sports Associates, Inc., last summer.

The report stated that much expansion and improvement is necessary before any move toward reclassification could be made.

Since football is one of the most significant sources of revenue, the report said, “there is a compelling rationale to invest in facilities that enhance success in that sport.”

The investment will also include the remodeling of locker rooms.

The locker rooms were originally designed for use by a maximum of 60 people.

Currently, well over 100 football personnel utilize them.

The upgraded locker rooms will have more room and space for medical and training areas.

Fred Oien, SDSU athletic director, said other areas of campus would be touched by construction this summer, as well

Other projects include seeding of the baseball field, along with irrigation and grade work.

This summer will also see the first stages of construction on practice fields for softball and soccer.

In the future, Oien said more improvements would be seriously considered.

These include relocation issues with the track as well as the completion of the Wellness Center and an indoor training facility.

Work this summer will not be limited to just physical construction, however.

Oien said that a committee is in place to reevaluate the 10-year-old campus facility plan.

“I believe there is somewhere in the vicinity of 30-plus items on that plan,” Oien said.

“The committee will look at it closely and see if there is need for change or a reevaluation of priorities.”