Slice of Hobo Life


Heather Mangen

It has been said that Hobo Day is about the parties and drinking. It’s also about the parade and the football game. But at my first Hobo Day, I couldn’t care less about any of those things.

I was 8 years old, and it was the first time I had ever been on the SDSU campus. My dad is a graduate of SDSU, and he wanted us all to go and experience Hobo Day. Some would say that bringing three small children to Hobo Day only a few years after the riots is nuts; but hey, that’s my dad.

We left Pierre about 6 a.m. and got to Brookings in time for the parade. I remember being way too cold and the band being way too loud. I was also upset because there was no candy.

As the band came around, so did the Jackrabbit mascot. I thought he was the coolest thing. It was a walking, dancing bunny — who wouldn’t be excited? As the giant bunny approached, I became excited because I thought that the bunny was going to come shake my hand, but I was wrong. Instead he stole my little brother and ran off with him.

I had mixed feelings. On the one hand, I was extremely jealous. But I was also happy because I thought I would never have to see my little brother again. But soon, much to my disappointment, the bunny returned my brother.

After the parade, my dad gave us a tour around campus. He showed us the library and other important places on campus. I remember telling myself that I wanted to go here when I was older. But I didn’t think that I actually would.

We then headed to the game. I have never been so miserable. I lost a shoe somewhere ,and all I had to cover my feet were my nice dress shoes. They were not warm or comfortable. My feet felt like ice, and I couldn’t move them. I went through a lot of cups of hot chocolate that day.

I don’t like football, so I was not interested in the game whatsoever. I can’t even tell you whom we were playing or if we even won. I had more fun playing with my blue and gold pompom that my parents bought me earlier that day.

My first Hobos Day didn’t mean a whole lot to me, but I think that my first one as a student will mean much more.To share a slice of your life with the campus, email [email protected].