Oil Changes: Pick Your Bonus

Lynn Klavetter

Lynn Klavetter

If the odometer in your vehicle is reaching that next 3,000 miles, it’s time for an oil change. After checking into several of the auto service retailers in Brookings, the results are in.

Best Price

That special someone in your life who loves you enough to do it for free is the best price I’ve found! If that isn’t an option, the prices vary quite a bit. With each business offering different services included with the oil change, who offers the best deal really depends on what you want. If you only want an oil change, Exhaust Pros charges the lowest price at $18.95. Along with that, they will check over your car and let you know if you need anything else. G P Auto Service & Repair charges $22 which also includes checking over the car. With G P’s service, they add washer fluid or a little grease if needed with no extra charge. Ron’s Auto Repair charges between $20-$25 (usually closer to $25) depending on how much oil is needed. Big O Tires has a few different package options, but their most economic option is $25.95. In this package they rotate your tires (a value of about $12 saved) and top off all fluids for free. Pro Lube comes in on the more expensive end, charging $27.48 (including tax).

Best Location

Although a bit more expensive, Pro Lube wins for best location. Only a few blocks away from campus and right next to Godfather’s Pizza, Taco John’s and a couple gas stations, your options abound while you wait for your oil change.


Pro Lube also wins for the quickest, taking only 15 minutes. Big O Tires and Exhaust Pros come in right behind them taking only 20 minutes with GP Auto next at about 30 minutes. Ron’s Auto Repair takes between 30 to 45 minutes, but because they do a lot of work other than oil changes, he prefers if people leave their vehicle for an hour or two.

Most Friendly

Without a doubt, the most friendly award goes to Ron’s Auto Repair. Ron is extremely friendly and goes out of his way to accommodate customers. If you have class or another commitment, he understands how it can be difficult to leave your vehicle at the shop. He’s willing to drop you off wherever you want and to pick you up later to get your vehicle with no additional charge.

Best Lobby

Although coffee and magazines in the lobby appears to be the common trend, Big O Tires wins this category offering extra entertainment via television and overall, just a nice area to wait in. G P Auto deserves an honorable mention for not having elevator music playing.

Best Special

Big O Tires has the best special right now. You can get a basic oil change (not including tire rotation and all the normal bonuses) for only $16.89 until April 1st. That’s this Thursday, so if reading this article has reminded you of that much needed oil change, don’t wait. No appointments are necessary.

Overall Best

Personally, that special person who will do it for free like Dad is my first choice. But as far as professional service retailers, Big O Tires comes out on top with a reasonable price considering all the bonuses, quick service, a nice lobby and the best special.