Double Standards

Roxy Hammond

Roxy Hammond

I don’t drink.

That’s right, I’m a college student and I have never had a single alcoholic drink. I can feel you all calling me a loser about now, but trust me, this declaration has a point.

Recently, the Collegian’s own sex column has gone under some harsh fire.

It has been called trashy, disgusting, basically anything you would use to describe sex if you were a Nun. Some students have made it quite clear that they do no want to be associated with this horrible paper that talks about such things as – gasp! – oral sex.

Right. While I am fairly conservative, I’m failing to see why people have their panties in a twist over this.

You see, here’s my problem, I do not drink. For personal reasons, I’m very against drinking. Now, I do not stand up in class and demand that the professor stops talking about drinking alcohol, nor do I write into the paper complaining about how indecent it is to advertise drink specials on the last page.

No matter what I do, I am going to be labeled a heavy drinker, simply by being in college. Does this bother me? No, not really. I know if someone ever gets to know me they will understand my values and if someone judges me simply for the stigma associated with college students, then I don’t need them anyway.

What bothers me, however, is these students and whoever else that created this huge uproar about this ‘filth’ called a sex column, completely keep their mouths shut when it comes to being viewed as drunks.

Is that because you all are?

The sex column is a way to appeal to the students. There are obviously people writing in, meaning there is an audience. It’s also in the Juice part of the newspaper, designed to be more hip and alternative than the boring old regular newspaper.

But for some reason, students are absolutely “appalled” that we would print this.

It disgusts me personally to see how our priorities rank.

It’s okay to be associated with being drunk, which can be WAY more dangerous than oral sex. Wait, wait, before all you irate people write in about the STD’s you can get from having sex, I want you to realize that this sex column is not going to encourage people to have sex if they aren’t already doing it. If you’re a college student, and a sex column in the newspaper suddenly makes you decide to have sex, then I have lost faith in humanity.

Some parents say they were considering sending their child here, but since that sex column appeared on the news, they are considering otherwise.

That, my friends, is the sick part. The fact that someone would base coming to SDSU or not on what they print in the paper.

Let’s face it, a good portion of people at college do have sex. They get out of their parent’s houses into their own little dorms, and go wild.

Apparently their parents don’t think so, “What?!? SDSU has a column on sex in their newspaper?!” But hey! Look at these cool drink specials advertised on the back of that same newspaper! Now, Susie can go get two-for-one mixed drinks on Friday nights and get so drunk, she can’t remember who she had sex with!

Ahh, I can sense people warming up their fingers to type the Collegian a nasty little editorial about stupid me again.

Good, I’ll be entertained to see how it is you can tell me that getting drunk is a better thing to do than give [oral sex].

The point is, we have a huge double standard going on here. Just because a few people see differently, they demand the change of something everyone else enjoys.