Alter Bridge debuts

Edward Kearns

Edward Kearns

In June 2004 Wind-up Records shook the rock world by announcing the split of Creed. Alter Bridge, mostly former Creed members, attempted to step into Creed’s shoes with a new album released last month.

Former band members Mark Tremonti and Scott Phillips hired Creed’s original bassist, Brian Marshall, and Mayfeild Four frontman Myles Kennedy in an attempt to recapture the dream they once had for Creed.

On Aug. 10, One Day Remains, Alter Bridge’s debut album, hit stores nationwide. The album peaked at number five on the Billboard album charts, but after only four weeks on the list, it has fallen all the way to 47.

To some extent, One Day Remains features the rock sound that fans were hoping to hear from the re-vamped band.

“Open your Eyes,” the first Alter Bridge single, sounds the most like Creed of anything on the album. The song has a strong melody from Tremonti, and the lyrics do hold some spiritual meaning – at least they sound humanitarian.

Alter Bridge could probably release two or three good singles from the album. On the other hand, Creed fans who enjoyed the now-defunct band’s distinctively deep lyrics will be sadly disappointed. Alter Bridge’s attempt to replicate the dark, spiritual lyrics of former Creed frontman Scott Stapp comes off mediocre at best.

After listening to all the hype for this album’s release, I expected to hear something new and original. Instead, it was just the same concept in a different wrapper. In trying to hold on to the glory of their former band, their lyrics came across as relatively shallow and emotionless.

In spite of its lack of originality, Alter Bridge has a good sound and is worth listening to, even if it isn’t worth buying.