Malo: No, I’m not a hypocrite; yes, I am writing for the Collegian

Miranda Malo

Miranda Malo

Those who know me are probably calling me a hypocrite right now. I said that I would never write for the Collegian.

I usually scooped up the latest edition between my animal science classes to scour it for any little mistake that I could find. Then, I would gladly point them out to anyone that was sitting next to me in class.

A greater number of you may remember my less-than-friendly

“Letter to the Editor” bashing the Collegian’s knowledge and support of agricultural issues.

Yet, here I am, writing for them.

I didn’t decide to take on this responsibility because of the whopper salary that Collegian reporters get, nor am I doing it because I’m desperate for bylines. I am also not writing because I have an abundance of free time.

(Trust me, my free time this year will be consumed by my involvement in seven collegiate clubs, two other jobs and planning for my upcoming wedding.)

I’m writing for the Collegian as a matter of principle. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s to not complain about a problem unless you’ve done something to try and fix it.

This is my opportunity to remedy a problem that I, along with droves of ag/bio students, have wanted to see changed for a while.

Hopefully, throughout the year you’ll see several important, accurate stories written by students who have knowledge of and are interested in agriculture. We’re looking to win back the readership of those that have felt alienated by the Collegian in the past.

I’m sure there are many of you groaning in disgust (if the mere mention of agriculture hasn’t already caused you to stop reading my column) because you’re sick of hearing from or about us “hicks.” I hope I can change your mind too.

You, as a college student, are as dependent on agriculture as the next. Without it, you wouldn’t eat, wear clothing or have thousands of household products that you use everyday. Agricultural news affects you, and it’s my goal to make it interest you as well.

I have high hopes for this year, not because of my own efforts, but due to this year’s Collegian staff.

It’s a new year. The Collegian has a new editor, and it has employed some strong journalists who are dedicated to bringing you the news.

For those of you who had given up on finding stories worth reading in this paper, give them another chance. If I can do it, anyone can.

Miranda Malo is a junior ag/journalism major.