Women, men have lost traditional values

Miranda Malo

Miranda Malo

Okay ladies, here’s a pop quiz:

If a man opens the door for you, you: (A) don’t think anything of it, after all that’s what men are supposed to do: (B) are flattered by such a gentlemanly acts or (C) are taken back, appalled -how degrading that he doesn’t think you can open the door for yourself!

Unfortunately, this situation doesn’t happen too often anymore because too many women answer C. Too many women are offended by this simple act of courtesy and respect.

This is a big deal and apparently I’m not the only one who thinks so.

I was sitting in dance class last Thursday when my professor brought up the fact that people don’t know common courtesy, like opening the door for someone, anymore. Then I went to talk to an advisor and he told me a story where a woman reacted to him like the above answer C. At my marriage class that evening, the topic came up once more. And when I got home and flipped on the TV, there was a woman speaking to the male masses about how women crave chivalry.

I agree. I like for someone to get the door for me, to treat me like a lady. Sure I can get in there and do stereotypical “men’s work” with the rest of them. After all, I am a farm girl, but that’s just the point: a farm girl. I am still a female. Driving a tractor, feeding calves or changing my oil doesn’t change the fact that I’m female and have a different role in my relationship. Men were designed to be the protectors, warriors, and women the nurturers, the caregivers.

While women’s empowerment movements have brought about some good and needed changes to our society, they have also messed with some important traditional customs.

We have lost that fundamental concept of respect that so many of our grandparents practiced so religiously. We have created an environment in which some men are actually afraid to treat women like ladies, for fear of sending the wrong message.

How can we correct this problem?

Ladies start acting like ladies, men start acting like gentlemen.

The next time you are walking into a building and there is a woman next to you. Get the door. If she is offended, explain to her that you were just trying to be polite and dismiss it.

Remember, not all of us are on a power trip or personal quest to prove we are as manly as you.

Miranda Malo is a junior ag/journalism major.