President Bush not all there

Ben Overmyer

Ben Overmyer

The Bush administration is a failure, and approximately 65 percent of America realizes this. Yet, it astounds me to find people on SDSU’s campus who still are ardent supporters of the Texan regime. As such, let me offer a few facts for the readers.

Education. Bush has introduced a financial plan to reduce the national deficit. But what he didn’t tell you is that, while military spending remains unchanged in the plan, student loans are being cut by huge margins. Not only does this make it far more expensive to attend college, but it will also reduce the future earning potential of a good majority of the American population as the gap between the educated rich and the uneducated poor grows exponentially.

Disaster relief. During his State of the Union speech, Bush spent 70 percent of his time talking about Iraq and related foreign affairs. He used seven sentences to talk about New Orleans and the arguably more terrible situation there. There are still thousands of people displaced. Even with advanced warning of the flood threat situation, the current administration still took an inordinately large amount of time to acknowledge a state of emergency existed.

Foreign affairs. We all know about the war in Iraq, the war that will never end. That’s not pessimism talking. That’s simple fact. We all know that American lives are being lost in Iraq on what is almost a daily basis. Iraq is a cankerous sore on the side of America that is bleeding away our lives and our dollars. In the global community, America is increasingly seen as an enemy of cooperation. France has always hated or mistrusted us-yes, even during the 18th century. But it’s disturbing to see long-time allies like Britain condemning us for our unilateral actions.

We can’t let this continue. Whether you’re Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or Independent, I urge you to vote against those who support the Bush administration in the coming Congressional election.