The Glass Atlantic will play at Main Street Pub

Erik Ebsen

Erik Ebsen

The Glass Atlantic, a Sioux Falls band, will play at the Brookings Main Street Pub on Thursday, April 13, at 7 p.m. along with bands My Monday Regret and Post Mortiz.

“I love the way you look in that dress / like you had been molested by attention you couldn’t get,”chants Landon Heil on the song “Shoulder.” “I was gonna call you but froze up, at seven to eight / the last four digits, ones I couldn’t translate.”

The band has a new album available called “A Traffic Light Malfunction.”

TJ Wethington, bass guitar player, feels this album is the strongest the five-year band has had yet. Recording it helped the band “find the niche we want to do,” Wethington said. The band would like to take this refined sound on a tour this summer.

That tour may be Warped. The Glass Atlantic is enrolled to compete in Ernie Ball’s Battle of the Bands. Winning bands get a slot on the Ernie Ball stage at the Warped Tour. More than 8,500 other bands have joined the competition. Viewers can listen to applicants at Online voting begins in June.

The band’s Web site,, will be up later this month and will feature updates on the band, Wethington says.

The Kansas recording studio Black Lodge, where “A Traffic Light Malfunction” was recorded, has worked with artists from Kurt Cobain to Motion City Soundtrack.

Fans of The Glass Atlantic may have noticed them at the Performing Arts Center last Wednesday night. The band traveled up to support another Sioux Falls band, The Spill Canvas.

The two bands have interchanged members often over the years. Founding member of The Glass Atlantic, Brandon Aegeter, left for a time to play guitar for The Spill Canvas. Guitarist Dan Ludeman did the same. Aegeter has since returned to drumming for The Glass Atlantic. The current lineup is Aegeter on drums, Wethington on bass, and Heil on guitar and vocals.

The Glass Atlantic has played the Pub before, and Wethington says the band really enjoys Brookings.

He hopes for a good turnout. In Brookings, he says, “the shows are always a blast.”