Club sports more than competition

Kirk Danielson

Kirk Danielson

The idea of sport rages on within the human spirit. That passion is why, without fanfare or scholarships, students participate in club sports to keep the competitive fires burning.

What exactly is a club sport? At SDSU, club sports are organized athletic teams that travel and compete with other university clubs. They are not varsity sports, but they still have their seasons and leagues. The players juggle practices and games with their classes and jobs, just like varsity athletes.

One of the 14 club sports on campus is the men’s soccer club, who are no strangers to winning. In 2004, the team went 8-2-2 and finished in second place in their conference. Last year, the team finished in third place with a record of 8-2-4.

This year, their conference, which consists of clubs from North Dakota and South Dakota universities, added another team, bringing the league total to nine teams.

The 20-player team practices three to four days a week on campus, near the Young Hall parking lot. They share the practice field with the SDSU rugby club team. The team’s dedication for their sport can truly be felt by their loathing and disgust for their practice space.

“There’s standing water and the mosquitoes are horrible, and the grass is too long,” said Chris Jerred, a senior midfielder.

Still, the players laugh about their conditions and the memorable experiences their sport has given them. Last year on Hobo Day, the team played a game in the snow.

To help fund their travels, the team receives some funding from SDSU. The players also pay a membership fee to help fund their club. The money is used for referees and other expenses.

One of the reasons players join a club sport is the people they meet.

“I think it’s a great way to make pretty good friends, because you spend so much time together. It’s a good way to start college,” Jerred said.

The team is on the road for the month of September, traveling around the Dakotas every weekend. Their travels will be rewarded in October when they play all their home games in Brookings.

If you’re interested in joining a club sport, here’s a list of the other SDSU clubs:

Rugby club (Women’s)Soccer club (Men)Table Tennis TeamUltimate Frisbee club of SDSUWater Polo clubWomen’s Hockey club TeamJackrabbit Hockey club (Men)Karate clubRifle and Pistol clubRodeo clubBowling clubBoxing clubCricket clubDynamic Martial Arts (DMA)

#1.884377:1898999271.jpg:soccer02.jpg:Chris Jerred and Nate Beck hard at practice for SDSU’s Mens Club Soccer:Christy Wey