From the Left

Justin Goetz

Josh Horton

The real focus of this election should be current issues, not events that occurred over 30 years ago.

For the past few months we have heard a lot about military service.

Senator John Kerry volunteered to fight in the Vietnam War, while President Bush used his family connections to take a coveted spot in the “champagne” of National Guard units.

Now, one of the questions we must ask is, does one course make someone more or less qualified to be our Commander-in-Chief, or should it even be considered?

We have two boys who were born into wealth and privilege.

Although John Kerry had serious questions about our involvement with the war in Vietnam, he felt obligated to volunteer for the Navy.

During his two tours in Vietnam, he was awarded three purple hearts, a Bronze star and a Silver Star. After being wounded three times, he was automatically transferred stateside to finish his service.

George Bush took a different path which leads him to the Texas Air National Guard, where he was trained as a pilot.

Even though he had logged over 300 hours of flight time, George Bush went missing from his unit for nearly 12 months, failed a direct order to report for a physical exam, failed to complete his flight certification, and was suspended.

He asked for and was permitted to leave the Texas unit early in order to attend graduate school, but again failed to present himself for further service in Boston, per his agreement.

I have a deep respect for anyone that wears the uniform of our country’s military.

Both of my grandfathers, two uncles and both of my parents have served, and currently an aunt, uncle and my brother are on active duty.

Military service is a proud and important part of my family history.

I love this country and I am a democrat.

The difference between democrats and republicans is in how we honor those who have and are serving our country.

A demonstration of that honor is that we should never go to war because we want to, but rather only when we have to. The republican majority in Washington does not understand that, and as a result has fallen out of touch with families like mine.

Should we elect someone based only on their military service? No, but I do believe we must consider whether a person met or failed to meet their military obligation, especially when that person is applying for the job of Commander-in-Chief.

Josh Horton is president of the College Democrats.