500 voters wanted: SDSU joins drive for more registrations

Lesa Jarding

Lesa Jarding

SDSU has joined nearly 80 other universities in supporting an American Association of State Colleges and Universities initiative this fall. The goal is to register as many students as possible and get them out to vote come Election Day.

Robert Burns, political science professor, said SDSU hopes to get more than 500 new voters on campus this fall.

“If students want to have issues that are most important to them on the public agenda, registering to vote and voting is essential,” he said.

One organization is making it easy for students to get that done. The Campus Women’s Coalition is offering free rides to vote at the courthouse. Coalition member Brittany Henderson said more than a dozen students took advantage of the free service last week. The group plans to offer rides once a week every other week until Election Day.

“Students should look around campus for flyers, or even talk to their RA’s and spread the word about the opportunity to get out and vote,” Henderson said.

Justin Goetz, vice president of the SDSU College Democrats, said young people can have a strong voice in political matters.

“The only way we can truly be in control of our lives in this democracy of ours is by being as active in it as possible,” he said.

The last day to register to vote is Oct. 23. For more information about items on this fall’s ballot, visit www.sdsos.gov.

#1.884182:3553273762.jpg:voting2.jpg:Brittany Henderson, senior sociology major, talks to Maddison Parmelee, a sophomore pre-physical therapy major, about the upcoming issues in the November election. SDSU is one of nearly 80 universities pushing for students to get politically involved by registering to vote.: