SDSU is diverse but it doesn’t show it well

Ben Overmyer

Ben Overmyer

One of the things that surprised me when I came to SDSU was the diversity. I expected a little farm university with nothing more than conservative, Christian farmers’ kids. What I found was a fair bit more, although not quite what I’d like to see.

Politically, there are people here from all across the playing field. Republicans, Democrats, libertarians, anarchists, even a couple fascists. In terms of religion, there’s the same variety – besides the various Christian religions, we’ve got Buddhists, atheists, agnostics, a few Hindu and a good handful of Wiccans. There are many different races and nationalities represented here too.

But you know what? It’s not diverse ENOUGH. The majority of people here are publicly of the white, Christian farm kid variety. There’s nothing WRONG with being a white, Christian farm kid – heck, half of my cousins fit that description. It’d just be nice to see some political groups other than the Big Two on campus. It’d also be good to see more than just Christian churches – I myself am looking into the possibility of starting a Wiccan group on campus.

I just bet that the population here is more diverse than we first appear. We’re just not vocal about it. And so, I encourage everyone reading this to start talking to others about your unique background, hobbies, etc. – let’s make the world come to Brookings and SD State!