Letter to the Editor: The Collegian needs to check facts


I find it ironic that The Collegian is chastising SA candidates by saying, “This isn’t high school … Do your research, stay in touch … work hard” when a mere 4 inches above that statement they write that the SA election is Feb. 28 and 29. For those of you who don’t get it, check your calendar – there is no Feb. 29 this year. Nothing like doing your research. Even worse is the ever-so-eloquently worded statement, “The polls open are now open …” which is literally the first sentence in the headline story. I can understand a few typos here and there, but you’d think The Collegian could at least catch the really bad ones on the front page! As a recently-elected SA senator, I’d like to publicly announce a new platform that I think The Collegian will approve of as being “realistic” and “well-researched.” My plan? See how much it’ll cost to have someone proofread The Collegian before it gets published each week so that they can stop embarrassing us with all their “exellence.”

Dan FriedrichsSA senator, College of Engineering