Letter to the Editor: Fan applauds Jacks loyalty


My family and I are die-hard Cowgirl fans, but I’m not writing this to talk any trash. We really thought it was incredible the way your fans traveled to Wyoming. Sorry the weather and roads were so bad. I was VERY impressed with your team and the loyalty and support your fans brought. If your program isn’t facing off against ours in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA in two years, something is seriously wrong with the selection committee or our programs.

By the way, a lot of us were offended by the signs and posters that your fans tried to hang in our house (not the signs themselves, but the guts it took to hang them). But it takes guts and loyalty to try it. No one in the Mountain West Conference would dare try that little trick.

Without question, your school, fans and team deserve all the congratulations. Keep up the awesome work. A big Wyoming cheer for the ‘Rabbits! Go Cowgirls!! And see ya in the Big Dance.

Dan MorrisCheyenne, Wyo.