Gifts for Grads

Brittany Westerberg

Brittany Westerberg

It is once again time for the song known as “Pomp and Circumstance,” black robes, speeches and those four-pointed hats that get thrown in the air.

It is also time once again for people to buy gifts for those graduates.

For those who don’t know what to get, take a look at the list of possible gifts that have been collected below.

Resume writing package

These are always handy for the graduate who is still interviewing for jobs or, if they already have one lined up, for later when they want to advance in their career. These usually include high-quality paper and envelopes, resume and cover letter tips, etc.

Address book or organizer

These are a necessity in this fast-paced world if a person wants to keep things organized. Plus, a nice engraved portfolio or organizer will look very snappy and professional when they go to work.

A briefcase

Now that the graduate is out of college, it is no longer acceptable to go to work with their backpack over their shoulder. A briefcase-and there are more feminine ones out there for women-looks much more professional.

Travel bag set

For those who might be traveling far away, either for work or just to get out of the state, a travel bag set would be extremely helpful. In addition, if the bag set is in a bright, non-traditional color, it is easier to find in an airport baggage carousel.

Toolbox with basic tools

Whether it is a ratchet set, a drill set or simply a hammer and screwdriver, these could always be useful as a graduate goes out on their own.

“Before You Die?” books

These can sometimes be funny and interesting at the same time, especially from the younger college student who can now exclaim “Wow! You’re old!” Some examples are “101 Things You Should Do Before You Retire,” “1,000 Places to See Before You Die,” or-for the single graduate-“Before You Say I Do.”