Compensation for exploitation

Roxy Hammond

Roxy Hammond


Now that got your attention, didn’t it? It is amazing how much money can be made from the exploitation of such a simple body part. I’m convinced that women could rule the world if they simply walked around in their bras all day long. Men wouldn’t even know what hit them.

Apparently, I am not the only person that has figured that out ? as proven by the fact that the pornography industry makes more money every year than the NFL and the NBA combined. And don’t get me wrong-if that’s your bag, then go for it. I actually have a lot of respect for people like Jenna Jameson. It’s just sort of another job for them.

However, I am annoyed with one particular brand of pornography-Girls Gone Wild.

I know, you’re going to assume that I’m going to go off on some feminist rant about how demeaning that is to women, and how awful the exploitation is, etc. Which, might I remind you, is perfectly within my scope of logic, since I am, well, a female. But no-I don’t despise the porn industry for its exploitation of women. At least they are getting some compensation for doing it.

Girls Gone Wild, on the other hand, is simply going out and finding the women at their worst-Spring Break, bars, drunk out of their minds-and getting them to do things they’re going to regret later ? for a t-shirt.

I have seen a couple of these videos, as well as the commercials, and even a documentary about how they make them. It’s always the same thing-a couple dudes walking around with a camera on their shoulder, with one guy singling out women to proposition. The girls see the Girls Gone Wild brand and get excited for their 10 seconds of nipple-exposing fame.


I guess what’s particularly annoying to me is that these guys are kind of jerks. One particular documentary showed a bar where they had pulled half-dozen girls off into a side room to ? well, you know. Joe Francis, the brains behind the operation, walks in and starts chewing out his cameramen for bringing in ugly girls.

Oh, lord.

These girls aren’t getting paid. They’re getting t-shirts. And some of them go far beyond the breast flashing on these videos.

Do these girls deserve it? Sure, you could argue that they are putting themselves at risk for getting drunk in the first place. But these guys are seeking it out. That’s like saying a woman deserves to be raped because she wears a skirt. I do not care how easy or convenient it might be-it is not right. Period.

What’s worse is these guys generally shower these girls in compliments until they start taking their clothes off. They are basically playing on every last insecurity the girls have and then profiting off of them.

And who says men don’t understand women? These guys have certainly figured out how to manipulate these women. If anything, I should give them kudos for their savvy business skills.

I want girls to feel comfortable with their bodies. And I want them to go out and have fun. But I want to see these jerk faces arrested for the blatant victimization they reign down upon women when the cameras are rolling.

Boobs are great. Disrespecting women is not.

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