Faceoff: Should all MLB calls be open to review?


Chris Mangan And Ariy-El Boynton

YESInstant replay is used in every major sport so why not use it in baseball? It makes complete sense for it to be used only for home runs that are questionable or boundary calls.

Today’s parks are making it harder for umpires to tell if the ball went over the fence due to railings on top of the fence that are considered out of the field of play, so why not make sure the umpires get the call right? The yellow line no longer works.

Yes, there is a human element about baseball, and mistakes are part of that; but they also need to get the call right.


The greatest thing about baseball is the human element. Humans hit, humans pitch, humans produce stats, humans win championships and humans umpire the game we all love.

If instant replays are enforced beyond just the home run calls, then technology is infringing on a human job. I understand if fans are upset when an umpire blows a call, but that’s baseball.

Think about it: if a player makes a bad play, is there a way to change it? No, because that’s part of the game.

And riddle me this, how would a coach challenge a call? Throw the resin bag?