Is being cheap really a bad thing?

Kali Lingen

Kali Lingen

With the economy’s current downfall, students may be a little short on cash.

Here are a few ways you can stretch your dollars.

1. You can rent movies from the Brookings Public Library, and it’s free. You can check out up to five movies, but the movies have to be returned within two days.

2. If you and a friend like reading the same magazine, split the cost and share it.

3. Make a list before you go grocery shopping. You are less likely to make impulse purchases, which saves money.

4. Use coupons when grocery shopping. Use both store and manufacturer coupons.

5. Know how much money you have in your bank account to avoid overdraft fees.

6. Carpool with a friend to reduce the amount of gas you buy. This is good for the environment, too.

7. Do something as small as turning off lights when you’re not in the room to save money on electric bills.

8. Shop online. You’re probably going to find a better deal there then you will in a store.

9. Order water when you go to restaurants. The money saved adds up over time when you’re not ordering anything to drink.

10. Go to movies on Tuesdays at Cinema 5 to receive the Tuesday night discount instead of paying the full-ticket price.

#1.881987:2313829639.JPG:DSC_0461.JPG:Melissa VanDyke, an elementary education major from Sibley, Iowa, enjoys her meal with water instead of pop to save money.:Ethan Swanson