SDSU grad to lead city

Andrew Lafrance

Andrew Lafrance

Tim Reed, currently the development director for the College of Engineering at SDSU, will soon take over the highest office in city government on May 12.

“I wanted to run for mayor to become a part of government,” Reed said. “Becoming more involved in the community and having the chance to show students what Brookings has to offer them is very appealing to me.”

Reed, a 1988 commercial economics graduate of SDSU, said that he wants to persuade area students currently in high school and college to stay in Brookings after graduation.

“The size of town compared to what it offers is one of the best things about Brookings,” Reed said.

There is so much that the community holds, including SDSU’s many programs, he said.

“If you are not interested in athletics, SDSU has a wonderful arts program, as well. There is also Daktronics, which is a huge business for a small town like Brookings.”

Reed, who has served on the Brookings City Council for six years, said he has worked closely with SDSU in the past.

“I meet with the president of the school, and I also meet once a month with the Students’ Association.”

Newly elected Students’ Association President Matt Tollefson said that it is important to have students on campus working together with the city officials.

“SA has a student officer that attends every city council meeting and brings back a report for us,” he said.

Tollefson said he is exited to work with the city throughout his time as president to follow through on the bike path idea that has been talked about in the past.

Reed said he also hopes to continue to strengthen the bond between the city and the university.

“SDSU is Brookings’ greatest asset,” said Reed. “SDSU needs to be a strategic partner for Brookings.”

Reed said some of his plans involving SDSU include improving student housing and the neighborhoods around the campus. He said keeping people of all ages in Brookings is a priority.

“I think it is great to see people of all ages living in the same neighborhood. I love that my next door neighbor can be a college student, a graduate student, someone my own age or someone elderly.”

Reed also plans to address the problem of snowy roads throughout the winter.

“The hardest thing with that is that people park on the street, and the snowplows have to go around them. But at the same time, the street is sometimes the only place to park.”

Reed said that more parking in Brookings would be a good idea, but that the city’s funds need to be dolled out carefully.

“Under today’s economic pressure, we need to watch where we spend our money more than ever before.”

Considering SDSU in plans made about Brookings is a big priority for Reed.

“I want the students of SDSU to feel like this is their home and to feel comfortable about staying here even after graduation,” said Reed. “Brookings has so much to offer.”