Larson offers seating options

Emma Dejong

Emma Dejong

While some students want to eat with their friends at a large table, others may prefer to have a more intimate meal while sitting in a booth.

Some like to sit where they can see everyone, while others would rather be hidden in a corner doing homework. All of these students’ wishes are now possible at the remodeled Larson Commons.

The dining facility was renovated over the summer, with costs amounting to between $300,000 and $400,000. Virtually everything has been redone: the floors and ceilings have been resurfaced, the seating options have been expanded, there are more food choices and the style has been updated.

“The students have loved it,” Director of Dining Services Jill Norman said. “We’ve heard just wonderful comments over there.”

To showcase this new facility, Larson Commons had a re-opening ceremony. Oct. 6 was the ribbon cutting. Tonight there will be root beer floats, Oct. 8 is “Make Your Own Sundae” and Oct. 9 is “Dinner and a Movie.”

The options of food have increased, including the new pasta line, similar to Pastabilities in The Union.

“It seems like there are more stations, and they’re consistent,” senior biology major Steve Bazata said. “You know what to expect.”

Doug Wermedal, assistant vice president for student affairs, has a few ideas he hopes will be done this fall.

“It’s an extension of the students’ learning experience,” Wermedal said. “I just think we have two things left to do there: we need to add back some flat screen TVs and we need to bring in some computers.”

In past years, Larson Commons was more of a typical cafeteria.

“Prior to the renovation, it was just one big room, and it was kind of intimidating,” Norman said.

Bazata did not mind the way it used to be, but he likes the way it is now much more.

“It was just plain,” Bazata said. “It was still good, but this kind of jazzed it up a little. It made it more exciting.”

Norman said she has only gotten positive feedback.

“We’re very excited about this,” Norman said. “The staff is happy, and it’s wonderful to see the students enjoying the new area.”

#1.881385:1512234836.jpg:DSCF1122.1.jpg:The remodeled Larson Commons is now open and offers more food choices, expanded seating and a new style.:Jiajun Yang