SDSU facilities update

Briana Troske

Briana Troske

wlkerwlh2>Briggs will see small changeswlkerwl/h2>wlkerwlh1>Results from student surveys will provide guidance for future changes in the library.wlkerwl/h1>

This fall, students should anticipate some small changes made to the Hilton M. Briggs Library.

The special collections section of the library will be renovated, and new carpet will replace the old carpet on the lower level.

“We will also have compact shelving to help with space issues,” said David Gleim, the dean of libraries. “We will put bound journals in them and it will help free up a lot of space.”

Compact shelving is essentially a series of bookshelves on wheels and can be pushed together to save space.

A survey was sent out earlier this year to only a sample of students asking them how they use the library. Future changes made to the library will be the results from the survey.

wlkerwlh2>Campus green space in workswlkerwl/h2>wlkerwlh1>Higher enrollment numbers were a factor in the loss of green space near Hansen Hall.wlkerwl/h1>

Last September, students living in Hansen Hall were upset due to the loss of green space in the area. The green space used to play Oozeball and many other activities had to be paved into a parking lot because of the increasing number of student enrollment.

Students were promised other green space to make up for the loss. Several staff members in Student Affairs have been working with the student body trying to figure out when leveling of other grounds will take place.

“It will be a summer project for the university,” said Marysz Rames, the vice president for Student Affairs. “The ground this will all be taking place on will be even more usable space than the ground the students had before.”

At this point, the location of the new green space is still being determined.