Name campaign generates variety of reactions

Ellen Nelson

Ellen NelsonNews Editor

SDSU Foundation’s Nameless No More campaign creates more than just names for the mascot; school spirit and mixed-feelings also have resulted.

“Go Jacks,” and “Go big, go blue” are popular cheers heard from sidelines and stands to support SDSU athletics. Jackrabbit nation is often used to describe SDSU territory. So what will be the newest term be to describe SDSU?

Sponsored by the Alumni Association, voting for the Nameless No More campaign to name SDSU’s mascot ended Oct. 31. Though, the winning name will not be announced until the Jackrabbit Birthday Bash, Nov. 12, when it will turn 105.

The committee, who chose the six final names to vote on, was composed of students, alumni, faculty, university officials and members of the Brookings community. The names were chosen on the basis of marketability, gender neutrality, and regional or historic ties to SDSU and South Dakota. Names also had to work with “The Jackrabbit” added to the end of the name, as stated in a previous edition of The Collegian.

“I like the name Jax because it adds a fun twist and also incorporates school spirit,” said SDSU transfer student, Aimee Tau of Sioux Falls.

Since the mascot is known for leading crowds to cheer on teams at athletic events.

“I’m definitely not opposed to it,” said Leon Costello, senior associate athletic director of external affairs and member of the name selection committee. “Everyone kind of assumed that it already had a name.”

Although the mascot has gone 104 years without an official name, some apprehension of officially naming the mascot may arise from assumptions of a name already established.

Assumptions of the mascot already having the name “Jack” lead some to questioning the need of the Nameless No More campaign.

“I don’t think it was necessary,” said 1996 alumnus Scott Waltman, regarding giving the mascot an official name. Waltman agreed with Costello in assuming SDSU’s mascot already established a name.

Having an identifiable name for a school mascot is common for a school to have, Costello said.

Justin Sell, director of the athletic department, said the contest is increasing school spirit and he is enjoying the effect the campaign is having on campus.

“[The campaign] helps make people passionate about SDSU as a university,” Sell said.

Additional information on the Jackrabbit Birthday Bash and contest rules the Nameless No More campaign abided by are available at