Inside look at Capture the Plague

Marian Hooks

South Dakota isn’t typically known for its music scene, but if a person were to look in the right places, they’d probably be surprised. An Aberdeen, band, Capture the Plague, has made a name for itself over the last seven years playing  shows at a wide variety of venues.

Band members include: Marcus Hooks (vocals/guitar), Jeremy Burckhard (vocals/guitar), Trevor LeBeau (vocals/bass), and Anthony “Hobo” Ulrich (vocals/drums).

Marian: What’s the story behind the name, ‘Capture the Plague’?

Jeremy: Well, we were hunting one time, and I heard Hobo’s bear trap go off. It was a fish wrapped in newspaper that had the words “Capture the Plague” written all over it. And to this very day, fish in newspaper is a big part of our lives. P.S. I actually don’t know.

Marian: How would you describe the style of music you play?

Jeremy: Well, we’re a little bit punk, and we live in a rural area. A bit rock and roll. So, a little bit punk rock and roll, a little bit country. The rest of us is still a mystery.

Marian: You guys have toured quite a few times, what would you say is the best thing about touring?

Jeremy: We actually haven’t toured that much, but we’ve played a lot over the (almost) seven years. The one out-of-town show we played was great, simply because we spent 10 hours in a van together and had some great moments just being pals.

Marian: What’s your favorite memory with Capture the Plague?

Jeremy: One of the first shows I played with the band was New Year’s Eve ’06. A small living room, packed with friends.

Marian: What’s your favorite show you have played to date?

Marcus: I would say it’s a three-way tie between the Mankato show, the fight night show, and the 6th Avenue Gallery show.

Marian: You guys have been together as a band for quite a while, how have the songs changed and the writing styles changed over time?

Marcus: “Brother of Sand” used to be a slow, sappy song. And now it’s kind of a faster song, like Hot Water Music or something.

Marian: Where can people listen and buy your music?

Marcus: I think there’s something set up on Facebook to listen, but otherwise, we have CDs you can buy at shows.

Marian: There’s a final “farewell” show coming up due to Trevor moving out of state. Do you plan on forming new bands after Capture the Plague is done?

Marcus: I plan on focusing on writing and recording demos for a possible solo album.

Jeremy: Funny you say “final”. This will be our third “final” show. I think it’s inevitable. We all like playing music, there’s always more songs to write.

Marian: Marcus, you have a solo project under the name The Boomerang Kid, Jeremy do you have a solo project?

Jeremy: I’ve been playing solo for a long time, as well as doing band stuff, and I have no reason to stop. But, I prefer playing with people.

Marian: In recent years, downloading music has become quite popular, how do you guys feel about illegally downloading music?

Marcus: I personally love it, and if people want to download us for free and burn it for people, that’s cool. Get the name out.

Jeremy: I think people should respect what others have created, not because of the value of the creation, but because of the value of the people who made it. If the artist has put value on something, and you enjoy it, I think part of respecting the artist is accepting the value put on it. Although, there is the side of the record label industry being a total vampire.

You can catch the final show with all four members on Saturday, December 17 at the Red Rooster Coffee House in Aberdeen starting at 7 p.m. with other South Dakota band appearances by The Boomerang Kid, Hot Pink Drink, Boy & Girl Rhythm Section, and Toothless.

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