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Let me respond to the last two authors Rick Wipf and Barret Gapp. I have worked at daktronics for the past 4 years in many departments. Rick and Barret yea for them it is a nice job they work in areas that entitles them to not be abused. I should know I have been on both sides of the road. I have been an underling and a crew leader so I can understand their point of view. So I can say with experience that Rick and Barret have it easy. Once you are an intern you have it made you can roam the building getting a snack or just to “look” at current projects. It is easy for an upper level position to defend their position on the company. While the rest of the college students have to bust ass in what whatever department they are in. Yes daktronics offers a valuable opportunity to students to work but so does McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King or Pizza Ranch. Don’t’ get me wrong daktonics is a good company to work for while in college but as a student I like many of other students can realize that I can do better as a career and can so many other people. When anyone starts off at daktronics yea we all were a little ignorant and from reading the last articles some people still are. Well either ignorant or na

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