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Definitions of political correctness changes with times

Keith Brumley

October 5, 2010

Keith Brumley?Post-neo-radical-moderate-intra-structural . . . guy ? Most of us, when fascism comes up, think of Adolf Hitler. Fascism, however, is a term used by Italian dissidents after WWI culminating in Benito Mussolini's rise to power. Mussolini for a while, was praised by everyone from American humor...

Sex trafficking: closer to home than many would guess

Keith Brumley

September 21, 2010

Keith Brumley?8 years old ... plus 47? I like to chat 8212; not online but with real people and my aim was to produce a short documentary about the reasons people ride the bus. Since I thought I needed a reason (other than making a film) to ride the bus, I decided a car buying trip was the ticket. I boug...

Make your own life even better

Rick Wipf

September 14, 2010

Rick WipfGuest Columnist If you've tuned in to a country radio station anytime in the past few years and by some sheer force of will, or because it was the only station your antennae could pick up, you kept listening, chances are you heard Tim McGraw's "Live Like You Were Dying". And if you did get t...

Friends made at the age of just 18 may change as students hit their senior year

Ruth Brown

September 14, 2010

Ruth BrownOpinion Editor Tennessee Williams once said, "Life is partly what we make it and partly what is made by the friends we choose." After spending an evening catching up with some friends; I woke the following morning to a kind of epiphany. Some of the individuals that I was spending my time with...

One man?s identity proves questionable to authority figures

Keith Brumley

September 14, 2010

Keith Brumley?Franz Kafka?s Fourth Cousin, Thrice Removed? "You don't exist." The clerk at the Kingsbury County treasurer's office looked up from her computer. "You're not a person." "I've always felt like a person," I said. "Nope," she said. "You're a company." "It's true that I enjoy company," I said, "...

It?s raining fish, frogs, and cows. Hallelujah!

Keith Brumley

September 7, 2010

Keith BrumleyPHILOSOPHIC INVESTIGATOR It rained frogs this summer in Hungary. It also rained fish on two consecutive days in the Australian desert town of Lajamanu. It seems to me that if it can rain frogs and fishes, it can rain just about anything else8212;including cows. This apparently happened in ...