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What to do about cell phones?

Brian Lecuyer

November 12, 2001

Brian Lecuyer I hate rude people. But even worse, I hate rude people with cell phones. They are stupid, self-absorbed and need to be shot. Not killed, just shot in the leg or foot or somewhere so they get the message. For example, one person who needs to be taught a lesson is the girl sitting across fro...

Volleyball set for regionals


November 12, 2001

South Dakota State University's Shauna Sturm has been named the North Central Conference Volleyball Player of the Year by a vote of league coaches. In addition, junior Liz Archer was named NCC Defensive Specialist of the Year and setter Angie Rime was named to the all-NCC squad. Annie Ebnet earned honorab...

Former Secretary of Agriculture speaks on issues of production and food safety, energy

Sarah Passick

November 12, 2001

Sarah Passick The future of agriculture and food protection will see fundamental change, said Dan Glickman, former United States Secretary of Agriculture, Nov. 8 at Donor Auditorium. "A fundamental change of agriculture and food protection is the tie between the farmers and the ranchers and the consume...

Mating & Dating:

Krista Tschetter

November 12, 2001

Krista Tschetter SDSU men and women seem to live a far cry from the time of cave-dwellers with clubs. Especially when it comes to dating and mating. But maybe they have more in common with prehistoric man than they realize. According to SDSU Psychology Professor Beverly King, men and women have prima...