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Micayla TerWee

Why you should keep up with politics

Micayla TerWee November 8, 2017

At the tips of your fingertips is a powerful tool — your smartphone. Our smartphones have the capacity to access unfathomable amounts of information. We can learn about any topic or any person. We...

Micayla TerWee

Why you should fight fast fashion

Micayla TerWee November 1, 2017

Facebook advertisements tailor their content to tell you exactly what trendy clothing you need to buy now. Newspaper advertisements declare sales you can’t afford to miss. Television commercials encourage...

What you need to learn about your autonomy

Micayla TerWee September 30, 2017

A few days ago, I was listening to an episode from the podcast “She Explores” titled “Permission Slip.” The podcast discussed feeling the need to ask for permission before you try something...

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