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Katie Berndt
Opinion Columnist

Agriculture connects people internationally through common passions

Katie Berndt August 29, 2018

As an intern reporter for the Watertown Public Opinion this summer, I got to interview the diverse and interesting groups of people that I wrote about. One of my favorite stories of the summer was a group...

Katie Berndt
Opinion Columnist

Cowboy wisdom for those weary of extended winter

Katie Berndt April 18, 2018

It’s the middle of April and I think it’s safe to say we’re all a little tired of winter. There’s perhaps no one more tired of it than our local farmers and ranchers, who are struggling with livestock...

Katie Berndt

Ag industry strives for improved communication

Katie Berndt March 21, 2018

As I write this month’s column I am sitting on a plane to Washington, D.C., headed to the Agriculture Future of America Policy Institute. The conference invites college students from across the country...

Ag Day celebrates longstanding history

Katie Berndt March 21, 2018

The eighth Annual Campus Wide Ag Day is Tuesday, March 27, and this year’s event lineup is more elaborate than ever. What started as a small get-together for students grew into a full week of events...


Ag-vocating 101: five tips to educate others about agriculture

Katie Berndt February 14, 2018

As an agricultural communications major, one of the most common topics of conversation between my peers and me is how to educate others about agriculture. While we have had some formal education in communication,...

Fit for job: Ag & Bio instructors work, teach in fields of  their surnames

Fit for job: Ag & Bio instructors work, teach in fields of their surnames

Katie Berndt January 31, 2018

There’s nothing better than feeling like an ideal fit for a job; but for some professors in the College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, the position suits more than just their qualifications. Throughout...


Cattle withstand winter chill when you can’t

Katie Berndt January 24, 2018

In my friends’ winter Facebook posts I often see a familiar sight: a small calf lying on the floor of an entryway or bathroom, wrapped up in blankets next to a heater, usually with a small child seated...

Community assistants are given a single room in the hall they work in, a meal plan and a stipend each semester for the work that they do on campus. They also have weekly meetings, and monthly training sessions.

Heart of residence halls: highs, lows of serving as community assistant

Katie Berndt January 17, 2018

Community assistants are a familiar sight for students on campus, but few really know the ins and outs of the position. Many students are considering being CAs as an alternative to typical residence...

It’s too easy to forget what it takes to get our food from the farm to our kitchen table.

Think beyond the turkey: thank farmers for Thanksgiving

Katie Berndt November 15, 2017

Regardless of race, religion or lifestyle, Thanksgiving usually centers around one thing — food. But something most people don’t think about is where their food comes from. Over several decades,...


Farm experiences grow stronger students

Katie Berndt October 18, 2017

In preparation for the Ag-Bio career fair a few weeks ago, I was revamping my resume and adding my recent summer internship. I was running out of space, so I decided to take off my oldest job listed —...

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