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A group of hikers plan their route through Dinosaurs rugged terrain.

Preserve national parks

Jennifer McLaughlin November 29, 2018

Our national parks preserve some breathtaking locations, but they also inspire us to protect the environment in our own backyard. This thought was brought home during a recent trip to Colorado. I had...


Sustainability Month emphasizes achievements

Jennifer McLaughlin October 17, 2018

October is Campus Sustainability Month. Not only does this month encourage practicing sustainability, but also offers a time to reflect on sustainability accomplishments. In the past six months, SDSU...

Jennifer McLaughlin

Pledge to stay away from single-use plastics

Jennifer McLaughlin September 12, 2018

According to National Geographic and the National Park Service, the average American uses 346 plastic bottles, 365 plastic bags and 584 plastic straws every year. If you multiply that by each student,...

Ways to practice sustainability, help campus environment

Ways to practice sustainability, help campus environment

Jennifer McLaughlin August 22, 2018

Welcome back, Jacks! Did you know that SDSU practices and promotes sustainability? On campus, we define sustainability as a combination of taking care of the natural environment and providing resources...

Jennifer McLaughlin

Sustainability, social justice go hand-in-hand

Jennifer McLaughlin April 18, 2018

Two words often used together in conversation are sustainability and social justice. People talk about the environment degrading and a need for social justice through better access to nutritious food,...

Jennifer McLaughlin

Commit to fighting, ending global climate change

Jennifer McLaughlin March 21, 2018

Climate change is a man-made international crisis, the effects of which are far reaching and vary in severity depending on location. Melting ice caps are threatening polar bears, sea levels are rising,...

Educate yourself on recycling processes, sustainability awareness

Jennifer McLaughlin February 28, 2018

Waste is a funny thing. We toss an item into the recycling bin but don’t think about where it goes after it leaves our hands. However, when you consider it, there must be a process behind placing an...

Get head start on living sustainably in 2018

Jennifer McLaughlin January 17, 2018

New year, new semester. So, as we start this great new year, I thought I’d share 10 tips on how to have a more sustainable 2018. Recycle. This is one of the easiest ways to live sustainably. Recycling...


A green Christmas: how to maintain holiday sustainability

Jennifer McLaughlin November 29, 2017

Excitement abounds, wrapping paper flies and gifts are received. Christmas is clearly a time for giving and sharing. However, from all this generosity and joy comes an excess of trash. According to the...


Stay sustainable and warm this winter

Jennifer McLaughlin November 8, 2017

With the winter snow came winter temperatures. That means we are switching on our heaters, hunkering down by the fire and sipping hot cider. It also means we have another chance to practice energy conservation. Saving...

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