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Drunken decisions: Impacts of underage consumption charges

Drunken decisions: Impacts of underage consumption charges

Garrett Ammesmaki September 26, 2018

Morgan Busack was in the back seat of a car on Eighth Street when red and blue lights started flashing behind her.  “When I saw it was the police, I just started crying,” she said.  It was...


‘Demise of the monarch’ amidst plummeting pheasant populations

Garrett Ammesmaki April 18, 2018

Be it ice storms in May or clear and sunny skies in December, South Dakota residents aren’t strangers to extreme weather; neither is South Dakota wildlife. “Looking at the weather right now, we’re...

Garrett Ammesmaki
News Editor

Time to legalize marijuana use

Garrett Ammesmaki April 11, 2018

Another marijuana measure has been brought to Pierre. New Approach South Dakota brought the measure forward in January. If passed, it would legalize the possession and use of cannabis oil. But the question...

Coding is used increasingly across every modern industry, and program coordinator of graphic design Young Ae Kim said it helps young graduates stand out to employers, no matter their major. According to Young Ae Kim, many students outside of the computer science field are initially “scared” or intimidated by the idea of coding, but with programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver and Muse, personalized webpage and app design are easier than ever.

Creative coding: potential found in untapped market

Garrett Ammesmaki April 11, 2018

If the 20th century was defined by mathematics, the 21st century will be defined by computer code. In 2015, seven million job openings across the country were in occupations that value computer coding,...


Long-time CFO Tschetter retires

Garrett Ammesmaki April 4, 2018

After 36 years as chief financial officer and holding various other titles, Wesley Tschetter is retiring from his position as vice president of finance and business at South Dakota State. He has worked...


Researchers make strides in end-of-life care communications

Garrett Ammesmaki February 28, 2018

The United States is seen by some to have a medical culture devoted to cures, but how comfortable are medical professionals when curing a sickness is no longer an option? This is the question asked...

Garrett Ammesmaki
News Editor

Valentine’s Day history: beyond hearts, flowers

Garrett Ammesmaki February 14, 2018

Valentine’s Day is here, and you know what that means: Another day of being painfully alone and unloved; but Feb. 14 is a special day — where even Wal-Mart makes you feel bad about being single....


Return to school delayed for student who suffered farm injury

Garrett Ammesmaki February 7, 2018

Francesca “Frannie” Feekes was greasing the bearings of a fertilizer tender, when it rumbled to life in May last year, at the Archer Coop Grain Co. in Archer, Iowa. After finishing one side, she...

Bott-Knutson named dean  of Fishback Honors College

Bott-Knutson named dean of Fishback Honors College

Garrett Ammesmaki January 31, 2018

Following a nation-wide search, Rebecca Bott-Knutson has been named dean of the Van D. and Barbara B. Fishback Honors College. “This is a very exciting opportunity for me, both personally and professionally,”...

Denny Sanford recieved an award from the Horatio Alger Association in 2016 in recognition of his philanthropy. $30 million is the largest single gift they have received.

Sanford donates $2.5 million in scholarships to SDSU students

Garrett Ammesmaki January 31, 2018

South Dakota State will receive $2.5 million in scholarships from the Horatio Alger Association Endowment, following a $30 million donation from philanthropist T. Denny Sanford. Starting in the 2019...

Arlinda Peacock walks in the middle of the Women’s March Jan. 20 as the procession makes its way down Dakota Avenue. The march started at Carnegie Townhall and finished at the Minnehaha Courthouse.

South Dakota Women’s March calls for equality, political action

Garrett Ammesmaki January 24, 2018

Thousands of men, women and children swarmed downtown Sioux Falls Saturday for the South Dakota Women’s March. Cries of “the people united will never be divided” and “black lives matter”...


Trump administration not only racist, but anti-American

Garrett Ammesmaki January 17, 2018

The president has been under fire this last week for his racist remarks on immigration. Unfortunately, the president calling Haiti and African countries “shitholes” isn’t surprising, considering...

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