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Five tips to pull an effective all-nighter

Danielle Sons, Lifestyles Reporter December 10, 2018

Have a game plan Disorganization is one of the many things that can cause stress because it can feel like everything is falling apart. This can cause anxiety and a bunch of other problems that will...

UPC hosts gingerbread contest

UPC hosts gingerbread contest

Danielle Sons November 28, 2018

Finals week can be stressful and the holidays and break are just around the bend, but having something fun to do during this particularly strenuous time of the school year is partly why the University...

How to emerge from finals week in one piece

How to emerge from finals week in one piece

Danielle Sons November 26, 2018

Have the right mindset Going into finals week thinking negatively and thinking the worst won’t encourage you to try for an A. Instead, try going in with a positive mindset, this can help you want to...

Love is Blind: date that wasnt so blind

Love is Blind: date that wasn’t so blind

Danielle Sons November 14, 2018

Aretha Wellman, freshman pre-pharmacy major, decided to put her love life into someone else’s hands and was set up on a blind date with Tite Divava, sophomore computer science major. The date ended...

Braden brings out the UNITY in Community

Braden brings out the UNITY in Community

Danielle Sons November 12, 2018

Angela Braden is blind. During her talk Thursday, Nov. 8 in the Dakota Room of The Union, Braden discussed the trials she has faced since losing her sight and how her perspective has changed because...

Five ways to solve roommate problems

Five ways to solve roommate problems

Danielle Sons November 7, 2018

Roommates can be the best or worst people you ever live with. Nobody wants to have a troublesome roommate, but, if it comes to a point where confrontation is necessary, there are a few things roommates...

Suhyeon Han

George the Ghost haunts Doner Auditorium

Danielle Sons October 31, 2018

When Halloween rolls around, it can be the perfect time to find different ways to scare people. A popular way to do that is trough ghost stories. Ghost stories can be related to a certain building...


How to manage homesickness

Danielle Sons October 17, 2018

Whether it’s freshman year or senior year, most students might experience the longing to go home to family, friends and pets. Homesickness can be tough to overcome and many students might have have...

President Barry Dunn spoke at Rally at the Rails encouraging people to enjoy the rest of Hobo Week on Oct. 8 in the Volstorff Ballroom.

Top five Hobo Week traditions

Danielle Sons October 10, 2018

Students, alumni and fans from all over are gearing up for South Dakota State University’s biggest event: Hobo Day. Before the big day, there are many traditions during the week that are tied to making...

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