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The Hobo Shop officially made its debut in the University Bookstore this year. It will now sell Hobo Day gear year-round and online.

Hobo Shop finds new home in bookstore

Alison Simon October 10, 2018

With Hobo Week upon us, you may have noticed an influx in Hobo Day gear in the front of the bookstore. This stems from a switch-up in the location of the Hobo Shoppe. “We aren’t actually thinking...

Alison Simon

Binge drinking poses threat to campus culture

Alison Simon September 26, 2018

College is often portrayed as being synonymous with parties, alcohol and the social impact those things may have on the “college experience.”  Wanting to have a good time and be social isn’t...

You can: transform your capability in to creativity

You can: transform your capability in to creativity

Alison Simon September 12, 2018

I can’t tell you how many times, when I’ve asked someone to draw or sing something, that I’ve received the response, “I can’t.” There seems to be this concept we’ve all bought into that only...

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