SA encourages students to find time for change

Stuart Hughes

While SDSU is the place we chose to call home, anyone who’s been here for a while has something to complain about. Whether it’s the constant expansion of the university and alleged loss of educational quality, ever-rising tuition rates, the over-priced food that we are force-fed for the first two years of our university careers, or general campus dysfunction, we all have something that irks us. What can we do? Stop complaining and do something about it. Between class, homework, reading, exams, work, and socializing it may seem tough to get involved on campus, but time can always be found somewhere. Luckily the mechanisms for enacting change exist all around us, and all we need to do is take advantage of them.

One of these mechanisms for making a difference is joining a student group, either as an active member or in a leadership position. Student groups are the lifeblood of campus and provide many of the events throughout the year. Becoming an active member in a student organization can open the doors to travel opportunities and a network of friends and mentors that can expose you to new experiences.

When you join a student organization, don’t just show up to the meetings and leave. Take part in the event and activities. Face it: you cannot gain communication and networking skills just sitting in a classroom. Meaningful learning happens when we try something new or