Breaking records, making miracles


State-A-Thon has raised over $250,000 in its 11 years at SDSU. This year, however, shattered records.

The event was stuck in a $37,000 rut and couldn’t exceed that amount in the last few years.

Through rigorous fundraising with events such as the Qdoba Burrito Mile, a bake sale and dodge ball events, $70,970.08 was raised, shattering the original goal of $40,000. The top three events were: Jail Bail which raised $1,700, the Date Auction which brought in $1,672 and a 5K race which earned $921.

The largest income came from the highest number of participants ever. In another record-breaking moment, the 400 attendees brought in $56,000.

“We were all gathered around my computer [on March 22] and when it passed $40,000 we all freaked out and started crying,” said Kayla Struck, CMN Finance Chair. The entire executive team was unaware of the total except for Struck.

“I had to hide this from everyone all day,” she said after the reveal.

The crowd saw the total a few moments before the executive crew turned around.

“It was the best way to see it,” said Maggie Aldrich, University Program Council’s CMN coordinator. “I couldn’t believe it. I had to literally lean on my clipboard to stand up.”

Cassie Schulte, Recruitment in Residence Halls Chair, said she’s still in shock over the event.

“People still ask me how the event went and I still get chills,” Schulte said.