Buffalo Wild Wings opening mid-summer

Erin Beck

Note: At the time of the publication of the Orientation Issue of the Collegian, BWW was set to have an opening date of mid-summer. The Collegian is aware that BWW opened at the end of the summer.

After experiencing a series of construction set backs, Buffalo Wild Wings finally has an end-date in its sights.

Although the original opening date was set for February or March, lack of progressive construction during the winter months has pushed the deadline back.

According to Reynolds Construction, which is responsible for building the interior of the restaurant, the plan is to finish up with construction around June or July.

“The initial goal right now is to hopefully get some good staff in there before college starts,” Reynolds Construction said.

Further plans for the franchise’s opening in Brookings have not yet been set in stone.

“It’s up to Buffalo Wild Wings, but I’m sure they’ll plan a grand opening ceremony or a ribbon cutting of some kind,” Brookings City Manager Jeff Weldon said.

The addition of the well-known national chain is a positive thing for the City according to Weldon.

“The city is very excited about this new business coming to Brookings,” Weldon said. “It will be great for both the community and university.”

Students may find some benefit to the restaurant’s campus adjacent location as well.

“I think it’s great,” said Krissa Kramer, a sophomore family studies major who lives on campus. “I will be there a lot, especially after games since it’s so close.”

Others who live off campus, like Faith Thompson, a sophomore sociology major, said proximity to campus is not enough to make her go there.

“The closeness isn’t a big deal for me, but I’m excited for something new,” she said. “It’s not the first place I’d go while on campus.”

Thompson also mentioned she will wait a few months to let the hype wear off before making a stop at Buffalo Wild Wings.