Campus construction remains on target

Erin Beck

Construction on campus is booming. Not only is The Union expanding with new dining space and options, new residence halls are popping up on the east side of campus. Construction on the residence halls has enjoyed two of its favorite phrases this summer: on time and on budget.

“The dry summer, although a little bit of a curse for agriculture, for construction means we can keep up and stay ahead of schedule,” said Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Doug Wermedal.

The northeast and southwest residence halls have already put in windows. With the two buildings fully enclosed, interior work will begin within the first week of the fall semester.

The Honors and southeast residence halls are also promptly on schedule. Although not as advanced in the stages of construction as the northeast and southwest halls, Wermedal assures campus that the Honors and southeast halls are scheduled to follow the other halls in construction.

The goal for construction on campus is to have all buildings fully enclosed by the end of the fall semester, including having windows and roofs in place with the focus on the interior finishing work by December.

“It’s gone really well,” Wermedal said. “We’ve had a good experience with bids, the contractors and the weather.”

Wermedal is expecting construction to stay on track for the rest of the semester. Infrastructures for students, including sidewalks, are all ready for student use.

With the major construction work already moving at a rapid pace, construction zones on campus will decrease in size from here on out. Wermedal predicts that the heavier construction will be finished in December.

“It’s exciting to watch,” Wermedal said. “Yes, it’s an inconvenience to students, but it’s short term. In the end, it’s going to be a real benefit for students.”